Saturday, September 3, 2011

Becoming a master!

Moving to an island/third world country has proven to be an eye opening experience for Tyler and I. We have lived in a bubble and its unbelievable how much living in Grenada has made me realize how blessed we really are. I already knew we were very lucky but no where near how I feel now. There are a lot of little quirks here that you just have to laugh about and realize its just Grenada!!! So i have become a master when it comes to a few little quirks!!!! 

1. Master of hand washing dishes!!! Fortunately and now unfortunately, I have always had the luxury of having a dishwasher! Of course here we do NOT. Since we try to cook in as much as we can that = a lot of dishes!!!! I have become very good and pretty darn quick if I may say so myself!! Here is our little Grenada kitchen!!

2. Master of Sunscreen!!! If you have seen pictures you will know I have very fair skin. The Grenada sun is killer!! It will burn my pale skin so fast, so I try to wear sunscreen as much as possible! My goal is no burning at all, and so far my sunscreen application process has paid off!! Tyler told me last night he thinks I am tanner than him! Can you believe it!

3. Master of the shower knobs!!! We are very lucky to have REALLY hot water and very cold water. Some students don't really get hot water. We on the other hand get scolding hot water and freezing cold, and you have to find that perfect middle ground. Tyler and I probably use the shower knobs to adjust the temperature at least 10 times each shower! I have it down almost pat!!

4. Master of driving on the left! This is a bit of a scary one but after driving for 9 years on the right it is a constant mental note "left, left, left". I just about have it down, Now I am not saying I am a MASTER of driving, but a master of driving on the left. 

5. Master of empty grocery shelves!!! The shipment or boat of food for IGA the nicer grocery store here comes on Wednesday or Thursday depending on their journey. You have to be VERY quick when it comes to milk, bananas, eggs, juices and really any fruit! I have been pretty good at improvising if its not there but have it down to make my trip on Thursday or Friday!

6. Master of Bug Spray!!! Holy bugs!! I have it down to a science, just about every day I put on bug spray. The bugs here will get you and I think love my pale skin. So I never leave home with out my bug spray!!!! 

Just wanted to share some of my new skills I have acquired since I have been in Grenada! Do you think I can get a job with any of these master skills when I am done here?!?! 

Signing off for the day, off to the beach...

Master Kara

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