Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Stroll on the beach..

Work has been very busy this week, like crazy busy!!! I am supposed to be working 35 hours for one company and I am going to bet I am going over my 35 hours by at least 10, but what do I do ignore the customers who are in need? I can't, I would feel too bad so I am putting in over 40 hours recently...I am so grateful that my company is allowing me to work from an Island so I enjoy the work I am doing and am happy to help out my great bosses!

Today though I needed to get out of the apartment. The difference from home is here I sit in a very small living room and do not really move. I don't walk outside, I don't run to Moe's for lunch, I don't run to UPS to ship a box...etc... I have started to be a little stir crazy... So today I told Ty I needed to go for a walk. I walked the beach and drove around a bit and enjoyed the beauty of this amazing island with my camera....

gorgeous day today..

these walls reminded me of our days at FSU..

I am not a tobacco fan, but thought this old sign was so neat....

I love all of the old buildings in the downtown area...

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