Monday, August 22, 2011

Busy Island Couple!!

Hello There and Happy Monday!

Life has been so crazy busy this summer and I had a lot of great time with Tyler this summer. classes were a lot less busy this summer than this Fall semester! Last week started tyler's 4th term of Medical School! Can you believe it!! This 4th semester is the hardest and most time consuming semester of med school!!! I am ready for it to be over so we can move on!! What have we been up to!!!?!??!

Well your first probably wondering what this picture is!! Well there are goats and cows everywhere here! Well probably not everywhere but a lot more than Florida. They are just wandering the streets and really keep to themselves. I usually have to stop and take a picture every time I see one, which is about once a day.

Grenada Carnival!!! It was a three day NON STOP party in Grenada! It actually lasted a lot longer than three days but the main days were Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and let me tell you Grenada knows how to party. A lot of the locals here usually do not go to bed the entire three days! Can you imagine!! Events go through the night till sunrise and are so fun. Here are a couple of pictures from Carnival!!

Touring the Island! I have said to Ty time and time again, I want to really explore Grenada before we leave here. The area we live in is by far the nicest part of the island but it would be great to see everywhere else. The rainforest is one of the top to do's on my list and we were able to see part of it when we went tubing!! It was a great time and go my goodness the rain forest was gorgeous!!

Tyler's parents came to visit!! It was such a great time when his parents came to visit! It was like Tyler and I were on vacation as well, and we had a great time with them and they loved Grenada! I wish the flights here were a tad cheaper because it is actually a GORGEOUS island but it is not cheap to get here.

WORKING!!! I am so so so blessed to be able to work from Grenada! It really keeps me busy during the week! Right now I am working about 35-40 hours a week and it might pick up soon! Even though I do enjoy my occasional nap I have to say I enjoy having a pay check even more :)

Wedding Planning!! I have been on a little hiatus this summer once I got to Grenada. People tell me I am crazy BUT it has been quite easy! I do have a list of many to dos but a lot of them I have to wait till I am home in October. I received our 4 month email recently and I got a little butterfly in my stomach :)

Anyways all is well here, I love the goats, cows, beaches and mountains in Grenada and soaking up the crazy experience as much as possible!!

My next post is going to be about my day I spent with an orphanage in Grenada... I fell in love :)

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