Monday, September 19, 2011

A little slice of home...

I have just returned from my trip home and I am back safely in Grenada. It was a whirl wind 8 days! It was amazing but I literally did NOT stop! It was great seeing all of my girlfriends and all of my family, it is never enough time with my family but loved seeing their faces!! 

If I have not filled you in on my obsession in Grenada it is the Bellaire home for children! I met this little guy named Delante and fell hard, very hard. I have never had the feeling of desperation for a little one. It really started when I went to visit the home and walked in to see the little guy just playing in the crib alone without any toys, blankets, air conditioning etc. The homes staff are great and love all of the kids, BUT you can only do so much with so many kids. It was the first time I felt that I could change this child's life, I could feed him better, love him more, and give him a home with air conditioning and a lot of toys! I know Ty and I are not ready for a child, it would be very tough planning a wedding, adopting a child, finishing med school, moving to NY, etc.... it would add a whole angle to the mix! So what I have decided is I will love on them as much as I can and spoil them rotten until I have to leave!! I love love Delante but I also have become obsessed with all of the kids, they are so great! I have a little video of delante clapping and a few pictures of him in his new FSU jersey I picked up at home!!! 

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