Friday, May 13, 2011

Lots of Excitement!

So much is about to happen in the next 7 weeks I can hardly wait!!

1. Tyler comes home in less than a week!!!!! So thrilled, it has only been 3 weeks and it feels like forever!

2. Ty and I take our engagement pictures in 2 weeks! This really makes me feel like I am getting married!

3. I get to pick up my wedding dress!!!!!! I can't believe it!

4. Tys family is taking a week vacation and I am excited to get away for a week.

5. I have my first wedding shower!!!! It really hasn't sunken in yet but I get so giddy thinking about it!

6. June 26th I get to fly back to paradise for 3 months!!!! Holy cow, I can't believe it!! I will try to keep very busy since its 3 months!

A couple of random thoughts that I felt the need to share:

1. I recently have been getting a Gel Manicure and OMG I don't want a regular one ever again. My manicure lasted 2 weeks without a single dent or chip and I probably could have gone another week! Definitely worth it!

2. New ONE SIZE (yes ONE SIZE) boy shorts from Victoria secret! I bought two pairs and didn't realize the price until I left and found out that they were $15 each BUT I am going to go back and buy 5 more! They are so comfy and when I read one size I thought no way, but they fit like a glove and I love wearing them to bed with a big shirt of Ty's!

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