Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sad But True!!

So I realized this weekend that I make it through the week based on my TV Shows!! How horrible am I! It makes me happy that on certain nights I know that I have a good show to look forward to at night! Here are my favs:

Sunday: The Killing- It is on AMC and it is in its first season! SOOOO good, its like a movie every Sunday!

Monday: Castle!!! Bethenny Ever After (which is now over :( )

Tuesday: Can't believe I am admitting this but 16 and pregnant!! Ahh its a guilty pleasure!

Wednesday: Modern Family! Hands down one of my ultimate favorites!

Thursday: Park & Recreation & The Office

Friday: I try to have a normal life so I don't have a favorite on Friday

Saturday: SNL!

Ok So what I would like from you all...... What are your favorite shows?!?!?! They can be on now or not but I am always up for a good new show!

Have a great week everyone!

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