Thursday, November 24, 2011

The last Thanksgiving :)

As I called Tyler today over Skype and said Happy Thanksgiving, I just saw this little frown on his cute little face. He just looked sad. This is his second Thanksgiving that he has been down in Grenada and not back home. There is nothing like your moms thanksgiving and I know he misses it so much! I told him today though it is the very last Thanksgiving he will ever be alone!! I will be there from now on and I will be able to whip up my very best thanksgiving meal!! No promises! It makes me a bit nervous as I am not yet ready to do a whole meal alone YET!! Today I did a broccoli casserole and the mashed potatoes! The turkey is what is a bit frightening but who knows maybe next year it will be show time!! 

It is just crazy to think Tyler and I might be in New York next Thanksgiving! It will be such an exciting time for us, but just crazy that we have no idea where we will be for another 9 months!!! 

I hope you all are surrounded by your family and friends and you have lots of little blessings. I have so many I just can't even believe it. I am living a dream life right now and have SOOO many people to thank especially my family! 

I hope your tummies are full and happy!!! 


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