Thursday, April 7, 2011

I'm a Natural

Hello from the Island!!!

Life has been so so great down here! It has been so nice to actually see my fiance face to face and not have to call him through skype every time I want to tell him something. It is also nice getting on a schedule with ty! It actually has been a super easy adjustment! Before I got down here I wasn't able to think about how I was going to feel so far from home without my lovely girlfriends! Granted I of course still miss my mom and my girlfriends but I have been an unusual calm since I saw Ty. This is Ty's little tiny ocean view out his front door :) Usually there are about 10 sailboats just hanging and it is such a fun sight to see every day.

Ty is a very protective fiance :) Which is very cute, but I wasn't quite sure if he was going to let me venture out alone on the big island. This morning I decided I was going to get up and go to the grocery store. When I walked in to tell Tyler his face said it all. He wasn't quite sure if he was comfortable with me doing this or why I even wanted to go alone! With much hesitation he agreed and walked me through the bus route and tips. He also tested my cell phone down here so just in case I got lost or scared I would for sure be able to reach him.
He is such an adorable fiance. I went to the grocery store alone and it was great!! I felt so comfortable and excited that I accomplished this on my own! I know it took a lot for Ty to let me be independent on this unknown island, but I thank him for it! I was so proud today!

When I was out of my little journey I saw something really exciting!!!

It was a Discovery Channel Truck...Which means they are here filming something!!! So exciting :) How often do you step outside of your house to see a large Discovery Channel truck passing you by! I was so excited to tell Ty!! I am not exactly sure why they are down here but I am going to find out!

It has been a great week and I am officially settled in. Our biggest question of the day is what we want to eat, what movie do we want to watch, gym or no gym!?!?! Its soooo amazing! I know Ty's schedule won't always be this great but I am going to take it right now!!!!

My embarrassing moments of Grenada so far:
1. I tripped pretty bad on campus and could have probably busted my face if I didn't catch myself. Thankfully I was not alone or I would have been super embarrassed.

2. When Ty and I went to the gym for the first time I asked him "are there any rules I should know?" I didn't want to look stupid, but of course he said no none. He always goes to the side with the weights so I should have figured. Anyways 5 minutes into my walk on the treadmill, I was tapped on the shoulder. "Excuse me mam, I am signed up for this treadmill at 7." I probably turned BRIGHT RED! I was so embarrassed and walked in 7 circles in the gym trying to find machines that you don't have to sign up for! I probably looked like the biggest idiot just pacing and pretending to look at my iphone. I totally made sure to let Ty know this as soon as I walked out!!!! I think he turned a little bit red for me :)

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