Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Welcome to Grenada!!!

Hello from the Island of Spices!!!
I arrived on Friday night without my bags! I was not a happy camper as I had never lost my bags before so I didn't even think about packing a bunch in my carry on! Anyways I now have all of my things and am starting to get very comfy here on the Island! There have been a few Internet issues that I am trying to work on, but I now have my phone set up and that really makes me happy!

Anyways I thought I would provide you all with a few stats on Grenada!

The main question.... Ummm Where is Grenada?????
Grenada is located in the British West Indies almost to Venezuela.

Grenada is one of the Worlds largest producers of nutmeg and mace hence the name Island of Spice!

Grenada is 133 square miles and has a population of 110,000!

Grenada is in the EST right now

The average yearly temperature is 76 degrees

Currency is Eastern Caribbean dollar or EC

St. George University the medical school Tyler goes to has about 5,000 students. Not all are Med Students. They offer masters programs, undergraduate courses for locals and then also a veterinarian school.

The campus is quite amazing! It so beautiful and they did a really great job with it!

Well that was my quick update on Grenada! I will fill you in on some great Grenada stories very soon!!!

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  1. eeeeeeeee!! I love it. What a beautiful place! I bet you stick out like a sore thumb, you blonde hair, blue eyed, beauty! :) xoxo


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