Friday, July 15, 2011

Move Out of the Way!!!!

Tyler and I are new proud (temporary) renters of this gem! Ty has been down here over a year without a car and has been using the bus system which is decent but having a car for the two of us is AMAZING (angels singing in background). Everything is quite expensive down here rent, gas, cars, groceries and it is not fun paying for all of it, but I have had to get over the fact that this is just temporary as we are living on an Island and everything is imported.

I have two stories for you today the first one feels like a bad dream but I will re live it one last time..... Tyler has seen the jeep wranglers on the island and missed his days of having his so he thought it would be a perfect island car while we are here. So we received a name of someone and after a week our "jeep" was ready. Remember it is NOT cheap to rent a car and it was not cheap to rent this jeep. We walked up and the car looked in pretty decent shape, it was a black wrangler and it look like it was in good condition until you actually sat in it and drove it.

Long story short, the man that brought us the car could not stop spitting and coughing and we were not sure why. An hour later after Ty and I had been driving the car for almost an hour we both had horrible headaches and stomach aches from the fumes that were coming in the car as we drove it. There were NO seatbelts. (they did not see this as a problem when I said, um sir there are no seatbelts?? their answer yes no answer, ummm ok) We would drive it and then it would just stop while driving like 40mph. It was a nightmire!! We called the guy back and told him he needed to come pick it up and we are NOT keeping it! Our landlord stepped in and said no you come with me I will get you a good deal.. and he did :)

The interesting thing about our new car is the steering wheel is on the right. It has taken some getting used to let me tell you, BUT I have to say I am now kinda a pro and Ty is trailing far behind me... hehe...he has been studying and I have been driving around town :) It has Air Conditioning and drives pretty nicely as these bumpy Grenada roads. I feel very safe in it.

Now here is my second story. Yesterday I was going to meet a wife of one of the students for lunch and I told her I would come pick her up to take her to lunch. I had driven enough and thought I would be fine. Well fast forward to Kara driving up CRAZY hills/mountains in Grenada! OMG, I was pretty scared at first and have to say it could have been really bad if I was in the jeep. I set up my phone on the way down the hill so Ty could see what I had to drive down. Its a little jumpy, but you will get the idea. And you can see what I see in Grenada!!! It was an experience let me tell you and after I was home safe and sitting down I was able to laugh about it, but not until I was safely back in our apartment. The funny thing is these tiny steep roads are one way roads so it was sooooo scary when a car would be coming the other way and you look down the side of the mountain and see how steep it is :( I am safe though and now have a LOT of experiences driving in Grenada! Look how tiny this road is!!!


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