Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Favorites!

Happy Monday :)

Just thought I would share some things I have been really loving this Summer! Some old and some new, isn't it funny how you can have something for years and fall in love with it years later!?!

WoodWick Candles- Tyler and I bought a couple small ones on a whim before we came down to Grenada and we have been lighting them every night we watch a movie! Being so hot in Grenada we like the sound of a crackling fire. Weird right!?!?! But it makes us feel warm and cozy and makes us feel like its chilly outside!! It also reminds us of Christmas which is our time favorite time of the year!

Solitaire on the IPAD- I have had an ipad now for almost a year and have slowly gotten used to it. I am obsessed with my mac book pro so its tough for me to choose the ipad over the computer when they are right next to each other, BUT this past week has been a crazy week for me health wise. My body is getting used to Grenada and hasn't had the easiest transition SO i have been cuddling up in bed with my love and we play solitaire. I recently have played it ALL day, I think Ty is worried!
Brownies- This is not a new love, BUT Ty and I made extra chocolaty Brownies in a muffin pan and they were delicious!! I also loved how clean and compact the little brownies were. I will now make brownies in a muffin pan all the time! They were quite cute :)

Jersey Sheets- Ty and I purchased Jersey Sheets before we came back to Grenada and I don't EVER want to get out of bed!!! I had a bad picture of jersey sheets before; they weren't crisp and clean and looked worn, but the sheets we found are pretty clean and crisp and oh man they are soft!!

Brookstone portable speaker- I received this as a gift at a sales meeting when I worked for Pearson. It was in a welcome bag and I didn't think it was really anything. Ty started playing with it when I got home and we found it VERY useful and pretty powerful for a tiny speaker. We take it to the beach and play our iPhone off it!

GOATS- Grenada has goats that randomly graze and I love them!! Hearing their little voices is so cute!!! Here is one far away picture I took on my phone!

Tyler- I love seeing him everyday! Its so nice to have him home every night and know he is just a few steps away on campus everyday. We have been watching lots of Movies and we started to watch LOST from the beginning!! So good! I love our time here together, we miss our friends and America but know this time is a small chapter of our lives.

A few dislikes too!

Allergies!!!- my allergies have been horrible in Grenada!! I have really bad sneezing attacks and horrible sinus headaches!

Living in an apartment- (with thin walls) As I am currently typing the person upstairs sounds like he or she has been laying tile in their apartment for hours!! Constant banging and lots of walking.

No Malls- I miss my malls and shops :( no explanation needed!!

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