Friday, February 4, 2011

The New Citrus?

So today is the day!!!
Back when my sister was getting married my mom and grandma went out to find a dress for my grandma to wear to the wedding and it was a "citrus" Color St. Johns suit! Do not call it Orange or my Mammaw will correct you! My mom had strick orders from my grandma to hide her suit from all of us. My mom had to hide it at the neighbors house just incase :) We had NO idea what she was wearing and would not give us ANY hints as to what it looked like or how it fit. It was 6 months of constant talk about the new dress/suit but we had no idea what style or color it was! The day of the wedding was a HUGE day for my Grandma, we were all anxiously waiting for my Grandma to walk down the stairs in her new St. John's suit. The moment was here, she had her make up and hair done and turning the corner was my grandma in a Citrus colored suit! I couldn't believe it, she looked stunning!!I swear my grandma has gotten younger every year!!! She was incredible.. Well Fast forward a year and a half later and its now time to go shopping for her wedding outfit for my wedding! This time Brittany and I are invited and we can't wait to see what she tries on! She did mention to me that it CAN NOT be Citrus, it has to be a NEW color.

Unfortunately you all won't know the outcome until December 17th, but it will be a big reveal again this year I can promise you that!

Have a great weekend! I will leave you with the stunning Bride.. I mean Grandmother of the Bride!

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