Friday, February 4, 2011

A Monumental Day...

Today was an unbelievable day. It was the end of a chapter in my life and the start of a new beginning. Today was my last day with my company, Pearson. I have worked for them since I graduated from Florida State and it was such an amazing two and a half years. I remember when I was graduating college searching for jobs I found this company and position and I wanted the job so bad!! I interviewed for 2 WHOLE MONTHS! It was absolutely crazy but since they DO NOT hire right out of college they needed to make sure I wasn't going to bail on them. I didn't and was hired on July 31st of 2008. This job has taken a lot out of me in the last two years but has taught me more than I could have ever imagined. I feel like a completely different person after leaving this company. I did leave for many reasons, the main reason was a personal decision. Pearson did treat me very nicely even though I worked about 60 hours a week most weeks :)
It was a very tough decision but something I really thought about for a long time and made the final call two weeks ago to move on from Pearson. I am so proud of the amount of growth I have gone through and am looking forward to this next year and a half. I will be working a couple part time jobs, live in Grenada, marry the love of my life, MOVE to Grenada for 5 months and then move to NYC in 2012! WOW, that is a lot!

So tonight I am saying Good Bye to a very exciting and important chapter in my life. So many great memories that I will remember for a LONG time!!

On another note, my post from today regarding my grandmothers wedding outfit was a SUCCESS!! It is a complete secret but my Mammaw found her wedding attire!! We had a great time :)

Finally on a sad note, I received a call that I have been dreading for the last few years. My Dad's mother has been sick for a few years and has been really fighting every year to stay healthy. She was admitted to the hospital this week and unfortunately took a turn for the worst today. My dad is on his way to say his good byes and it is quite heart wrenching. Its such a tough feeling, you don't want someone to suffer any longer than they have already but you don't want to loose them. Please keep my Aunt, Dad, and adorable grandpa in your thoughts tonight and this weekend.

This weekend I have a bachelorette party and then next week we are traveling to Columbus, Ohio to watch Tanner play volleyball!!! Yah tanner!!

I leave you with one of my favorite and most peaceful pictures :) A vacation picture from St. John....

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