Thursday, November 4, 2010


And love is what changes trying times into bearable times, and hard moments into a good learning moments. Love is where I know I am safe and happy, and I want that for everyone-no matter what they look or act like.

I read a blog that I constantly find quotes and posts from that makes me rethink my life! You might have seen Stephanie Nielson on Oprah in the past. She surrived a plane crash and over 80% of her body was burned. Her life obviously changed forever, but instead of letting that stop her she is still a fabulous mom to four kids and an amazing wife. I read her blog and shake my head just thinking about how strong of a women she is.

P.S. I LOVE that quote! It makes me smile really big and keeps me smiling during a long distance relationship that I really wish was a close distance relationship :)


  1. Thanks for sharing sweet friend. I love that. And I'm so glad through her tragedy - she's given you hope and peace where you're at. You & Ty will be together so soon... hang in there. ;) love you.

  2. Friend! Love love love the quote and the blog design! I've been wanting to do something nice for mine but haven't decided where/what to do! How about a dinner date this week so we can do some major catching up??


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